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Community paint-ins this summer?
Hazelton event a wonderful experience
Poster for Hazelton Workshop
Poster for Hazelton BC Workshop
Community Painting Event -Hazelton BC


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Community paint-ins this summer?

With so much pressure from all sides on environmental sustainability these days, it is close to paralyzing for those who are affected.  All the more reason to do what we can, with the activities that are life-filling and remind ourselves and others just what it is we love, need, and want to protect.

Summer is coming, and with it, the time and energy to hit the road with painting supplies!

In August, my husband and I will be working our way up to Haida Gwaii and over to New Hazelton on the great circle route homeward bound.

Poster for Hazelton Workshop

Poster for Hazelton BC Workshop

It's been exciting and gratifying planning and working towards this event.  The enthusiasm and support from others have made this an entirely joyful process. Cynthia McCreeryof theSkeena Watershed Conservation Coalitionhas pulled together everything we need to host the event in Hazelton BC, including two fabulous guest artists for the dinner event on Feb 22.  Perry Rath will talk about art and the land and Roy Henry Vickers (insert many happy exclamation marks here!) will be storytelling about the Sacred Headwaters.

Community Painting Event -Hazelton BC

I am delighted to announce that there will be atwo day Community Paint-in, with guest artists, instructions and demos.

With details to come, the event will be held close to the Cassiar Highway that leads to the Sacred Headwaters in Hazelton BC on February 22 & 23.

TheSkeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC)  is hosting the event and has been hard working, supportive and informative in planning and organizing to prepare for a wonderful two days that will offer adults and children a chance to paint their support.

First Calgary Show this weekend: Nov 9 & 10

Work and 'flu caused some delay in posting but the Movement grows. 

We are now planning exciting ways of involving children and Sacred Headwaters communities.   This weekend in Calgary AB, the first live show and fundraiser takes place, with a number of artists showing work related the Sacred Headwaters, and video clips of Wade Davis speaking about the rich history and unique environment of that area.

Sacred Headwaters PAINT-IN

New opportunities to participate!

Planning has started in Whistler and Cochrane for "Paint-In" weekends.  This will give artists a chance to paint together and then have the work they do be shown when ready...and up on this site as soon as photographed.
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