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Community paint-ins this summer?
Hazelton event a wonderful experience
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Community paint-ins this summer?

With so much pressure from all sides on environmental sustainability these days, it is close to paralyzing for those who are affected.  All the more reason to do what we can, with the activities that are life-filling and remind ourselves and others just what it is we love, need, and want to protect.

Summer is coming, and with it, the time and energy to hit the road with painting supplies!

In August, my husband and I will be working our way up to Haida Gwaii and over to New Hazelton on the great circle route homeward bound.

Hazelton event a wonderful experience

Cynthia McCreery of the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) was instrumental in pulling this 2 day event together.  She arranged the hall at the Kispiox Rodeo Grounds, the catering of Friday dinner and Saturday lunch, made endless pots of superb coffee from Beans in Old Hazelton, recruited the artists and guest speakers and assembled the supplies that were delivered from Opus Art Supplies.

Cynthia also led our opening on Friday afternoon, talking about the Sacred Headwaters and SWCC and getting us started with a fun drawing exercise and introductions based on a place that inspires us.
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